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Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Brad Hinkelman

Brad Hinkelman's Bio

Brad Hinkelman is the founder and CEO of Casacol, a key player in Medellín’s real estate and hospitality industry. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Hinkelman moved to Medellín, Colombia in the early 2000s after completing his education in Business Administration at Simon Fraser University and furthering his finance studies at New York University (NYU).

His initial venture in Colombia began with a single Airbnb listing in 2010, which rapidly expanded as the market grew. His company, Casacol, now manages over 500 properties and is the largest Airbnb operator in Medellín. Additionally, Hinkelman oversees a 350-room hotel operation, making Casacol a major force in Medellín’s tourism sector.

Under his leadership, Casacol has not only provided substantial economic contributions to the local economy but has also been pivotal in transforming Medellín into a vibrant tourist destination. His strategic focus on sustainable and community-focused development has helped shape the city’s reputation as an attractive location for international travelers and investors alike.

Hinkelman’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit have been central to his success, reflecting a deep commitment to fostering growth and development in Colombia’s tourism and hospitality industries. His work continues to influence the broader economic landscape of Medellín, enhancing its global appeal and cultural vibrancy.

Brad Hinkelman's Career Background

Casacol Group of Companies

Medellín, Colombia
2014 – Present

Casacol is a leading real estate development and investment firm based in Medellín, Colombia, specializing in the hospitality sector. With a strong focus on creating high-quality and sustainable properties, Casacol provides comprehensive services including property management, legal assistance, and investment opportunities tailored to both local and international investors.

Oracle Corporation

Region Manager/Various Roles
Canada and United States
2007 – 2014

Oracle is a global technology company specializing in developing and marketing database software, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products. Known for its comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems, Oracle provides innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and power modern businesses around the world.

IBM Corporation

Various Roles – Sales and Marketing
Canada and United States
2000 – 2007

IBM, also known as International Business Machines Corporation, is a multinational technology and consulting company headquartered in Armonik, New York. Renowned for its innovation in hardware, software, and services, IBM leads the industry in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and cognitive computing solutions, helping clients worldwide transform their operations through technology.

Brad Hinkelman's Education

New York University

New York, New York, USA
Executive Continuing Education
2012 – 2013

Simon Fraser University

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Bachelor of Business Administration
Marketing, Economics
1999 – 2003

Brad Hinkelman's Newsfeed

Op-Ed: For Tourism to Flourish in Colombia, Hospitality Investors Need Government Collaboration, Brad Hinkelman

May 7, 2024

In this op-ed, Brad Hinkelman discusses the critical need for government collaboration to sustain the booming tourism sector in Colombia. Highlighting the significant growth in visitors and investment under his leadership at Casacol, he advocates for robust policy support to enhance safety and maintain the industry’s integrity amidst challenges.

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Medellin Real Estate: Foreign Buyer’s Guide

November 30, 2015

Brad Hinkelman, General Manager of Casacol, outlines key strategies for safe and secure real estate investment in Medellín, Colombia. He details the step-by-step process, from assessing investment motivations to navigating local regulations, ensuring both foreign and local investors can make informed decisions in this emerging market.

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House Hunting ... in Colombia - NY Times

October 19, 2016

An in-depth look at the contemporary real estate scene in Medellin, Colombia, through the lens of Brad Hinkelman, the General Manager of Casacol. He discusses the evolution of the market, key considerations for foreign buyers, and the opportunities that the dynamic city of Medellin offers for investment, highlighting its transformation and growing appeal.

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Brad Hinkelman's Media


Brad Hinkelman, Ideamensch Interview

May 13, 2024

Brad Hinkelman, CEO of Casacol, shares his experiences and strategies in transforming Medellín into a prime tourism and real estate hub. He discusses his journey from starting with a single Airbnb listing to leading the largest hotel operation in the city, his commitment to sustainable practices, and the importance of adapting and evolving in business.

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Real Estate in Medellin – a vast evolution

In this interview with HalloCasa, Brad Hinkelman discusses his journey in transforming the Medellin real estate landscape through his company, Casacol. He explains how starting as an investor led to founding a company that integrates development, property management, and legal services to support both local and international clients.

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Medellin and Colombian Tourism: an Interview with Brad Hinkelman

May 10, 2024

In this enlightening interview with Timothy Scott, Brad Hinkelman, CEO of Casacol, discusses the remarkable transformation of Medellín into a dynamic hub for tourism and real estate investment. Highlighting the city’s evolution from a troubled past to a beacon of innovation and cultural richness, Brad provides insights into how his company has contributed to the local economy and the growing appeal of Medellín as a destination for international visitors and remote workers.

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Riding the Trend - The Business Year

July 30, 2020

Brad Hinkelman, General Manager of Casacol, explores the evolution of Medellín’s real estate market since leaving his tech executive role in New York in 2008. He discusses how Casacol has adapted to trends, becoming the largest manager of furnished apartments in Medellín and expanding into boutique hotels, driven by detailed customer feedback and market data.

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