Aryn Hala

Patio Season

Head Chef

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Aryn Hala

Aryn Hala's Bio

Aryn Hala is a dedicated chef based in Gold Coast, QLD, renowned for her innovative integration of traditional Australian flavors with global culinary techniques. With over a decade of experience in the culinary industry, she has become a passionate advocate for sustainable cooking practices, emphasizing the importance of using local, ethically sourced ingredients.

Aryn’s culinary journey began at the Culinary Institute of Australia in Sydney, where she earned a diploma in Culinary Arts. During her studies, she co-founded the Sustainable Cooking Club and participated in an international culinary exchange program in Italy and France, deepening her understanding of Mediterranean culinary arts and sustainability.

After her education, Aryn worked as a sous chef at Oceanside Seafood from December 2008 to October 2020. There, she led the transformation of the menu to focus on sustainability and innovation. This initiative not only earned the restaurant accolades but also set a benchmark for environmental stewardship in the industry.

In November 2021, Aryn took on a new challenge as the chef at Patio Season, a modern Australian restaurant celebrated for its al fresco dining and seasonal menus. She launched and established the restaurant’s culinary vision, developed dynamic menus based on local, seasonal ingredients, and implemented an in-house herb garden. She also oversees a team of 15, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages creativity and personal development.

Aryn is committed to influencing the culinary field through advocacy for eco-friendly practices and mentorship, helping to integrate sustainable practices into the cooking of the next generation of chefs.

Aryn Hala's Career Background

Patio Season

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
November 2021 – Present

A modern Australian restaurant in Gold Coast, celebrated for its al fresco dining and dynamic, seasonal menus that highlight the use of local ingredients and an in-house herb garden to ensure freshness and sustainability.

Oceanside Seafood

Sous Chef
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
December 2008 – October 2020

A prominent seafood restaurant in Gold Coast, known for its commitment to sustainability and innovative menus that emphasize local produce and ethical sourcing.

Licenses & Certifications

Advanced Food Safety

Australian Institute of Food Safety
August 2021

Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide Training Academy, Melbourne
March 2020

Advanced Seafood Cuisine
Innovative Plant-Based Cooking

Culinary Institute of Australia
November 2006

Aryn Hala's Education

Culinary Institute of Australia

Sydney, Australia
Culinary Arts
January 2006 – November 2008

Aryn Hala's Newsfeed

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Aryn Hala's Media


Aryn Hala, the Ideamensch Interview

April 16, 2024

Aryn Hala, head chef at Patio Season, shares her culinary journey from the early days at the Culinary Institute of Australia to her leadership role in promoting sustainable practices in the kitchen. She discusses her approach to blending traditional Australian ingredients with global flavors, her advocacy for environmental sustainability, and her passion for mentoring the next generation of chefs.

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Press Releases

Aryn Hala Shares Insights on Culinary Journey and Sustainable Cooking Practices

May 15, 2024

Chef Aryn Hala from Gold Coast, QLD, shared her journey and commitment to sustainable cooking practices. She discussed how her early passion for flavor experimentation and her focus on sustainability have shaped her into a leading advocate in the culinary industry.

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Gold Coast Chef Aryn Hala Champions Sustainability in Culinary Arts

April 22, 2024

Gold Coast chef Aryn Hala discusses her career and dedication to sustainable cooking in a recent interview. As the head chef at Patio Season, she highlights her use of local, sustainable ingredients and her future goals in the culinary field.

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