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Review Management Company, SearchManipulator Explains their Motivation for Performing Public Relations Work for Non-profit Organizations

October 4, 2023

SearchManipulator, an online reputation management company, is extending its expertise to support non-profit organizations by providing free public relations services. This initiative aligns with the company’s corporate social responsibility goals, aiming to give back to the community and build strong relationships through media outreach, social media management, and content creation for non-profits.

Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

October 18, 2021

In an exclusive interview with DotCom Magazine, Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, discusses the founding and growth of his company, which specializes in online reputation management. Peters explains how his engineering background and focus on customer service differentiate SearchManipulator in a competitive industry, emphasizing their ethical business practices, personalized client strategies, and innovative DIY software.

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Billion Success Interview with Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator

March 29, 2022

Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, discusses his company’s approach to online reputation management, emphasizing customized strategies over generic solutions. Peters highlights the importance of proactive reputation management, leveraging search results to promote positive content, and maintaining a focus on customer service and ethical business practices.

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Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, Explains the Importance of Online Reputation Management

Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, emphasizes the importance of online reputation management in today’s digital age. He explains how search results can significantly impact first impressions, job prospects, loans, and customer acquisition, and advocates for managing online presence through customized strategies to ensure positive information appears at the top of search engine results.

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CEO of SearchManipulator, Matthew Peters, Discusses How Reviews and Reputation Management Can Improve Your Online Presence

January 8, 2024

Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, discusses the critical role of reviews and reputation management in enhancing one’s online presence. Peters emphasizes that managing online reputation through tailored strategies can help suppress negative content and promote positive information, ultimately benefiting businesses and individuals alike.

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Matthew Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, Shares How Their SEO and Reputation Management Services Can Boost Your Business

January 13, 2024

SearchManipulator offers SEO and reputation management services to help businesses enhance their online presence and control their digital image. By using tailored strategies to remove negative content and promote positive information, they assist clients in achieving online success and growth.

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Unveiling Strategies: The Mastermind Behind Nonprofit Online Reputation Management

September 14, 2023

Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, was a guest speaker at The Human Gathering’s 2023 event, where he discussed the benefits of online reputation management for nonprofits. Peters highlighted how working with nonprofits aligns with corporate social responsibility, builds community relationships, and provides valuable PR experience, while also benefiting from positive publicity.

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SearchManipulator Was Awarded the 2022 "Impact Company of the Year"

April 14, 2023

SearchManipulator, an online reputation management company founded by Matt Peters, was awarded the 2022 “Impact Company of the Year” by DotCom Magazine for its exceptional growth and innovative SEO solutions. The San Francisco-based company is recognized for its effective techniques in maximizing positive content and managing online reputations, providing clients with cost-effective and customized strategies to improve their online presence.

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