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About SearchManipulator

SearchManipulator, founded in 2010 by Matt Peters and a team of Silicon Valley engineers, excels in online reputation management and search engine optimization. This company is known for removing negative content from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Unlike other services that suppress negative content, SearchManipulator ensures it is completely removed, covering various content types such as Yelp reviews, Better Business Bureau entries, news articles, and court records.

Operating with a team of 18 skilled employees, SearchManipulator guarantees results with a pay-for-success model, offering a free Reputation Report and a comprehensive analysis by an experienced engineer. This customer-centric approach has resulted in a 98% success rate and a 5-star Google Business rating.

The founding team includes experts like Conor Byers from, Gus Cost from RIT, Jon Namnath from Cal Poly, Jen Allen from Columbia University, Beth Gelson from Deloitte, and Brooke Westling, an in-house attorney. Their combined expertise ensures top-notch service and results for clients.

SearchManipulator also offers a do-it-yourself software, Gold, enabling users to quickly create up to 50 high-ranking websites. This tool streamlines the process of promoting positive content and suppressing negative content, making it easy and effective for users.

Based in San Francisco, SearchManipulator has grown organically without external investors, allowing them to offer affordable services while maintaining high quality. Their innovative solutions and dedicated team have established them as a trusted leader in online reputation management.

SearchManipulator Team

Matt Peters

CEO of SearchManipulator

Matt Peters is the founder and CEO of SearchManipulator, a company specializing in online reputation management. With a background in search engine optimization and online marketing, Peters identified a need for proactive reputation management and founded the company in 2010. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Fordham University.

Under his leadership, SearchManipulator developed a unique do-it-yourself software that significantly enhances the efficiency of search engine optimization techniques. This innovation allows the company to offer high-quality results at competitive prices.

Search Manipulator History


Matt Peters Featured in DotCom Magazine: Founder Matt Peters is recognized in DotCom Magazine for his leadership and the company’s innovative solutions in online reputation management, emphasizing the impact of SearchManipulator’s services.


CBS News Money Watch Segment: CEO Matt Peters appears on CBS News Money Watch, discussing the company’s strategies for removing negative content from search engines and enhancing online reputations.

Expansion to 30 Employees: SearchManipulator expands its team to 30 employees, reflecting the growing demand for its effective reputation management services and the company’s commitment to quality.


Service Enhancements: The company focuses on improving service delivery, introducing new techniques for more effective search engine optimization and content removal.


Startup of the Week: SearchManipulator is named Startup of the Week by MyDigitalStartUp, highlighting its innovative technology and rapid growth in the reputation management industry.

Feature in HuffingtonPost: The company gains additional media attention with a feature in the HuffingtonPost, showcasing its unique approach to managing online reputations and the success stories of its clients.


Development of DIY Software: Efforts are concentrated on enhancing Gold, a do-it-yourself software that allows users to create up to 50 high-ranking websites. This tool simplifies the process of promoting positive content and suppressing negative content efficiently.


ESPN Radio Segments: CEO Matt Peters shares insights on ESPN Radio’s “Lunch N Learn,” discussing the company’s innovative strategies and success in online reputation management.

Team Growth: Within five years, the team grows to 20 employees, showcasing the company’s robust expansion and increasing ability to handle a larger client base with diverse needs.


Expansion to 20 Employees: The team continues to grow, reaching 20 employees, which enables the company to enhance its services and support a larger number of clients effectively.


Opening of Downtown San Francisco Office: SearchManipulator establishes its first office in downtown San Francisco, providing a central location for its operations and accommodating the expanding team.


Founding of SearchManipulator: In January, Matt Peters and a small team of computer engineers establish SearchManipulator with a mission to provide advanced online reputation management and search engine optimization services.

Initial Media Features: Throughout the year, SearchManipulator is featured in various media outlets, gaining recognition for its innovative approach to removing negative content from search engines and improving online reputations. This early media attention helps establish the company’s credibility and attract its initial client base.

SearchManipulator Newsfeed

Review Management Company, SearchManipulator Explains their Motivation for Performing Public Relations Work for Non-profit Organizations

October 4, 2023

SearchManipulator, an online reputation management company, is extending its expertise to support non-profit organizations by providing free public relations services. This initiative aligns with the company’s corporate social responsibility goals, aiming to give back to the community and build strong relationships through media outreach, social media management, and content creation for non-profits.

Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

October 18, 2021

In an exclusive interview with DotCom Magazine, Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, discusses the founding and growth of his company, which specializes in online reputation management. Peters explains how his engineering background and focus on customer service differentiate SearchManipulator in a competitive industry, emphasizing their ethical business practices, personalized client strategies, and innovative DIY software.

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Billion Success Interview with Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator

March 29, 2022

Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, discusses his company’s approach to online reputation management, emphasizing customized strategies over generic solutions. Peters highlights the importance of proactive reputation management, leveraging search results to promote positive content, and maintaining a focus on customer service and ethical business practices.

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Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, Explains the Importance of Online Reputation Management

Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, emphasizes the importance of online reputation management in today’s digital age. He explains how search results can significantly impact first impressions, job prospects, loans, and customer acquisition, and advocates for managing online presence through customized strategies to ensure positive information appears at the top of search engine results.

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CEO of SearchManipulator, Matthew Peters, Discusses How Reviews and Reputation Management Can Improve Your Online Presence

January 8, 2024

Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, discusses the critical role of reviews and reputation management in enhancing one’s online presence. Peters emphasizes that managing online reputation through tailored strategies can help suppress negative content and promote positive information, ultimately benefiting businesses and individuals alike.

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Matthew Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, Shares How Their SEO and Reputation Management Services Can Boost Your Business

January 13, 2024

SearchManipulator offers SEO and reputation management services to help businesses enhance their online presence and control their digital image. By using tailored strategies to remove negative content and promote positive information, they assist clients in achieving online success and growth.

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Unveiling Strategies: The Mastermind Behind Nonprofit Online Reputation Management

September 14, 2023

Matt Peters, CEO of SearchManipulator, was a guest speaker at The Human Gathering’s 2023 event, where he discussed the benefits of online reputation management for nonprofits. Peters highlighted how working with nonprofits aligns with corporate social responsibility, builds community relationships, and provides valuable PR experience, while also benefiting from positive publicity.

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SearchManipulator Was Awarded the 2022 "Impact Company of the Year"

April 14, 2023

SearchManipulator, an online reputation management company founded by Matt Peters, was awarded the 2022 “Impact Company of the Year” by DotCom Magazine for its exceptional growth and innovative SEO solutions. The San Francisco-based company is recognized for its effective techniques in maximizing positive content and managing online reputations, providing clients with cost-effective and customized strategies to improve their online presence.

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